Are you using Instagram for promoting your business and personal brands? Instagram is not just an option now a days it’s a necessity for every business person. You Just need to use the right strategy to attract your targeted customers.

To assess the movements whether it’s having a beneficial outcome on your business or not. You have to monitor that how your posts are driving results. A few key points can help you control you to achievement your targets.

Post Engagement

Once your Instagram account begins developing, you’ll need to ensure your followers are engaged with your post Through their comments, likes and post sharing. The business standard is 70 interactions per 1000 followers.

A high level of engagement flags will be appear when your audience/followers stay along with your business.


Followers count is one of the easiest and most critical to track or analyze. On personal account people might simply share their pictures, stories and other stuff they are doing. But if you’re managing a business, you have to be very selective in content matters that reach as many people as possible in your target audience.

When your business comes to Instagram you have a attract more followers by tagging your posts with popular hashtags related to your industry. The key hashtags are #business, #startup, and #restaurants to name a few more.

These hashtags helps to get the right person for your business and show them their area of interest through that tags. Businesses use relevant hashtags for their posts to reach out the interested audience of their choice.

Website Visits

Instagram post and their content don’t allow users to click to the website or can’t navigate to a site unless that the post is running as an advertisement. However Instagram allows the account owners to set include the links in posts.

Many brands enter the organizations principle site URL and never show signs of change it. If you need to view the site visit Matrix and views of the users you have to make on and off changes in it so that users can attract on the posts. You can see the results by using google analytics records to track the quantity of sites visits you get from Instagram.

Story Views

channel for static pictures were Instagrams unique speciality. From that time Instagram also introduced video posts and unique photo filters that attract the make Instagram stories. Individuals and brands line together shares different photographs and video recordings.

Track the views your stories are getting, just as you see your visit Matrix for your regular post. A high number of views relative to the size of your following. Means your stories are clicking with user. A low number of views disclose to you it’s an ideal opportunity to try different content for your stories.

Attempt to shift your story refreshes with a blend of items highlights, play around your posts and don’t stress over-sharing. Stories for brands are perfect for highlighting theirs offers.